Phase III Environmental Site Remediation (ESR)


Phase III environmental remediation is actual mitigation of hazardous material contamination caused by abandoned waste, sites, underground fuel tanks and industrial facilities, through groundwater pump and treat methods, soil excavation and disposal mitigation, air sparging techniques, vapor extraction system, and all applicable best available technologies (BAT).

Just as the Phase II scope of work is entirely dependent on the Phase I results, so Phase III is dependent on Phase II. The phase includes preparation of corrective (or remediation) action plans, system design, specification development, and negotiation with state or federal regulatory agencies.

Voluntary Cleanup Program (VCP)

Through Washington Department of Ecology Voluntary Cleanup Program, our professional staffs provide services to help our customer’s contaminated sites to receive a “No Further Action” decision from Department of Ecology.

Brownfields Cleanup and Redevelopment

It is estimated that there are more than 400,000 Brownfields in the U.S. Cleaning up and reinvesting in these properties will improve the local economy as well as protect the environment. Our experts will guide you through the complicated Brownfields Cleanup Revolving Loan and Grants program to provide funding to capitalize loans that used to clean up Brownfields.