Phase I/II Environmental Site Assessment (ESA)

Phase I/II ESA

KEE, LLC is dedicated to providing clients with solutions to environmental problems and real estate evaluation concerns.

With our highly qualified expertise in environmental site assessment (ESA) requirements, KEE, LLC is poised to move quickly to meet tight transaction schedules. Environmental due diligence has emerged as a vital part of real estate transactions due to unlimited financial liability for clean-up of contaminated sites.

To remain competitive and reliable in today’s real estate market, financial professionals must have access to thorough due diligence and assessment of the property.

We are committed to provide innovative, valuable consulting services for property transfer, refinancing and for owner/buyers who want to know if any environmental risk is associated with a particular property.

Phase 1

The purpose of a Phase I Environmental assessment is to determine the presence, or absence of suspect environmental conditions at a site. The Phase I ESA generally consists of records search, site investigation and report. 

Phase 2

In the event that suspected environmental conditions are identified, additional work in the form of a Phase II assessment, may be recommended. 

Generally a Phase I will determine if there is a likelihood that a significant environmental problem exists. The Phase II will confirm or deny the presence of the condition, and qualify the condition. 

The Phase II assessment may give the property a clean bill of health. If Phase II investigation identified problems which require remediation, the Phase III - Remediation Design - may be in order.