About Kee Enviro, LLC

About us

KEE Enviro, LLC was founded in Redmond, WA in 1996 with the goal of providing cost effective, efficient environmental and structural services to our clients. Since then, we have been committed to delivering comprehensive environmental and structural solutions to those clients with their best interests in mind.

With a highly qualified staff from a wide variety of fields, including engineering, geology, hydrogeology, chemistry, environmental science and engineering, and construction, KEE LCC has proven full capability of satisfying clients' needs in all fields of environmental due diligence and real estate consulting.

KEE, LLC's capabilities include: 

KEE, LLC performs works while coordinating with other heavy equipment contractors and all the engineering works in house. 

The success of KEE, LLC comes from our work experience and our motivated workers. Our experience and constant participation in technical training can ensure success in managing the ever changing and complex environmental problems our clients encounter.

The future is certain to place additional environmental demands on all industries. KEE, LLC is positioned to meet these new challenges by providing practical and effective solutions to our clients.